Information on our mountain bike park trails and trail map

Trail Information

Bike Park Kernow Trail Guide

Our woodland mountain bike park is the only one of it’s kind within Cornwall with its dense woods, steep slopes and cascading views of the Cornwall landscape.

We have a range of trails for all levels of mountain bikers with vehicular uplift and push up options available.

Our goal is for mountain bike enthusiasts to experience our natural woods in a safe and enjoyable way.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we will be running at a lower capacity to comply with social distancing restrictions. Please remember these restrictions are only temporary and we hope to be operating at a higher capacity with a full range of services soon, when it is deemed safe to do so. In the meantime, we ask you all to comply with the Government’s Covid-19 recommendations to keep everyone safe.

Our Trails *New Trails Coming in 2021

There are currently 6 trails at Bike Park Kernow. We have 2 moderate (blue) trails, 2 difficult (red) trails and 1 severe (black) trail to suit all levels of mountain biking.

Trail grading is in accordance with British Cycling’s MTB Trail Grading System.

Blue Trails – Moderate

Krusty Berms

The Rumpolator

Red Trails – Difficult


Woodrockery West

Woodrockery East

Black Trails – Severe

Sideshow bob

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